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10 Cabinet

Gorgeous Solid Pine Fender Blues Jr Cabinet, slightly oversize 20x16x10


TWO new 10" NEO Eminence Bass Guitar cabinet Speakers Fender parts SWR Go lites


Used Trace Elliot ELF 1x10 300-watt Compact Bass Cabinet


2x10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet - Celestion 1065 G10 Vintage


Ampeg Classic SVT-210AV 200-Watt 8-Ohm 2x10" Bass Amplifier Amp Cabinet USED


SWR Goliath Jr III 8 Ohm 2x10 Bass Cabinet FREE SHIPPING


Crate Vintage Club 50 Tube Amp Stack with Original VC-50H 4x10 Speaker Cabinet


Raezer's Edge Bass 10 10" Speaker Cabinet Enclosure


Line 6 Spider IV HD 150 watt Guitar Amp Head & Line 6 2002/95/EC 4x10 Cabinet


TC Electronic K210 2x10 400W Bass Cabinet


SEISMIC AUDIO 210 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet 4Ohm 2x10


Hartke Transporter 2 x 10″ Watt Bass Cabinet W/ New Hartke Speakers


SubZ 1x10" Guitar Extension Cabinet Small Footprint Black/Silver Convertible Cab


2x10 solid Pine, Raw wood Extension Guitar speaker Empty cabinet G2X10ST RW


1980's Marshall 1965A 4X10 CABINET Guitar Cabinet


EPIFANI EpiFunky 410 4x10 Bass Cabinet (NEW)


rawcabs 5F1 1x10 champ unfinished combo cabinet with oxblood fabric installed


Epiphone Valve Jr Extension Cabinet- Mint condition- less than 10 hours used!!


Ampeg BSE410HLF 4x10 Bass Cabinet Amp


1x10 Guitar Speaker Cabinet - Open Back - Ivory & Blue - Empty


VHT Redline AV-RL1-10C 10" 30 Watt Guitar Extension Speaker Cabinet




SubZ 1x10 Extension Guitar Cabinet - Small Footprint - Pine - Convertible


VHT Redline AV-RL-10BC VHT 75 Watt 10" Bass Speaker Cabinet


Vox V110NT 1x10 Celestion 30W Speaker Cabinet


Acoustic B410C Classic 400W 4X10 Bass Speaker Cabinet Black


Hartke 410TP 4-10" & 115XL 15" Bass Cabinets (Custom Red Finish)


Guitar amplifier cabinet amp 1 speaker wiring harness 16 or 8 ohm 1x12 1x10 1x8


Guitar amplifier cabinet amp 2 speaker wiring harness 16 or 8 ohm 2x12 2x10 2x8


1x10 Extension Guitar speaker Empty cabinet bronco black texture tolex G1X10STbb